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    Fit Battle Info

    Post  AyooJon on Mon Jan 07, 2013 4:34 am

    Fit Battles

    Basically in the Outfit Battle Section you will submit your entry to the battle, you do this by starting a new thread and attaching your picture of you in it. People can comment on your fit and voice their opinions, whatever it is. Give suggestions for a future entry to improve, etc. once I find another recent entry from another member, I will post a new thread with the actual battle of both members, where everyone else could vote on who has the better fit. After 2 days voting will end and whichever member receives the most votes will win the battle.


    For Battler

    -One entry every week per member.
    -Entries MUST be full body pictures, meaning from your kicks to your head.
    -Quality of the picture must be decent. This meaning, we need to see clearly what you are wearing.
    -Fake kicks will automatically cause you to forfeit the battle.
    -Pretending to be another member or using a picture that isn't of you will be a forfeit.

    For Voter

    -Positive and Negative criticism is allowed but flaming a member is NOT.
    -Vote for 1 of the two battling members only.

    Winners of battles will go in the Fit Battles Hall of Fame Thread as well as gain respect for being the flyest, dopest, and freshest while rocking kicks. Remember have fun and stay fresh !

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