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    Post  AyooJon on Mon Jan 07, 2013 6:06 am


    Come here to this section to Buy/Trade/Sell kicks. if you are looking for a certain sneaker in a size, you can also post a thread.


    -Be careful when Trading sneakers, it is unsafe and not encouraged.
    -You must post pictures of the sneakers you are selling.
    -It is encouraged to tag your pictures with your username for proof and the current date for further proof.
    -Fake sneakers will NOT be tolerated and the user banned from the whole site.
    -Full description of Sneaker must be provided along with the pics , this includes : Condition of sneaker, Name of sneaker, size of sneaker.
    -Including additional information to contact you is also suggested for faster and better communication.
    -Flaking is frowned upon, if you commit to cop a pair of sneakers it is alright to drop from buying it but constant flaking can result in being temporarily banned.
    -You are allowed to negotiate prices, but low balling is frowned upon. Just as well as rape prices are as well.


    -Posting sneakers that aren't yours/ can't be tagged for buyer will get you banned temporarily. Breaking the rule again will equal a permanent ban.
    -Flaking out of a purchase 3 times gets you temporarily banned. Breaking it again is another temporary ban. Breaking it once more is a permanent ban.
    -Fake sneakers are an automatic ban from the site. Fakes aren't tolerated.

    PayPal is suggested for buying/selling of sneakers, still be careful.

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